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Downloadable Love Notes


Can you believe it... Valentine's Day is this week! EEEK! 

Now, I know there are a lot of mixed emotions about Valentine's Day... some love it, some hate it, some think it's all marketing scam, and some get really over the top—you know who you are! But no matter where you on the love/hate spectrum of Valentine's Day, expectations can change our perspective. So this february 14th, set your expectations well. Instead of focusing on how someone can/should express their love for you, consider how you can express love to others—even beyond your significant other. Think about the difference you could make by showing up for the new girl, or the neighbor across the hall, or even your mom. We all need a little extra love, so send it out with all the might you can!

Invitation-Envelope Color-2.jpg

As a little gift for you, I've got some lovey cards that you can download fo free. These cards were inspired by 3 of my best friends—they're each so different, but they're each so wonderful. So print these out and share them with all your favorite people.

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